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Selection & Retention

Selecting and retaining the right people are instrumental to your company’s success. MPS creates customized and validated methods for selection as well as proven strategies for managing and retaining key talent.

Promotion & Succession

Our expertise enables us to help you identify the key talent in your organization as well as devise succession and growth plans to target the development they need to be successful at the various levels within your business.

Training & Development

Having the right training and development approaches are central to ensuring your people are ready to take on the challenges of your business. We help you develop the right methods and measurements necessary to prove results.

Organizational Effectiveness

Effectiveness is an elusive word that means many different things. Whether they are process or people-oriented, MPS helps you identify the challenges that stand in the way of stronger performance and helps you design and implement the plans necessary to overcome them.

Meet Our Team MPS consultants represent a wide range of backgrounds and expertise in Industrial/Organizational psychology and business. These PhD and Master level professionals enable us to deliver high quality services for our clients whether the projects are small or large. These highly trained and experienced Assessors, Trainers, Interviewers, and Coaches use proven MPS processes and practices to ensure practical and measurable results. Our associates and support staff are highly qualified and experienced in helping our clients with online testing, assessment center preparation, and other areas of support.

Cheryl Frankeny, Ph.D.

Cheryl Frankeny, Ph.D. Owner/Principal Consultant

Cheryl is the owner and principal consultant for MPS LLC. She has 16 years of consulting experience. She specializes in organizational and individual performance consulting which targets strategic planning, executive and leadership team development, organizational and cultural alignment, change management, talent management, succession planning, facilitation, team building, hiring/selection practices, and assessment techniques. She has worked on assignments nationally and internationally involving a wide range of employees–workers, front-line supervisors, managers, and executives. She has worked with numerous companies (including Chevron, BP, Conoco, Phillips 66, CITGO, Allegiance Bank, Nynas, Sunoco, LyondellBasell, NCI, Riviana Foods, Powell Industries, and other global and mid-sized companies) facilitating, coaching, assessing, designing developmental paths, and training.

FAQ about our services

MPS has helped clients for 35 years to solve their human capital needs. We solve a wide variety of problems such as creating strong leaders, improving communication, increasing motivation, and managing change. Whether its hiring, succession planning and promotion, training and development, executive assessment, coaching, or organizational development—MPS has the solutions that can help your company to soar.

At MPS, we give our customers the attention they deserve. While many consulting firms try to force their processes to fit the customer, MPS uses and creates processes that are specially tailored to fit the needs of your unique organization. We don’t waste your time and money by selling you something you don’t need.

MPS regularly works for some of the largest companies in the world, but we also have clients who have much smaller organizations. Whether you have a new, growing company or an international corporation, MPS has worked with clients like yours to create effective hiring, training, promotion, and organizational development processes.

We are educated and trained industrial/organizational psychologists. We understand that human capital processes must be valid and reliable. We spend time making sure that our methods, tools, and processes are succeeding for you in ways that are real and measurable.

We work with you and your budget to get you the best possible human capital solutions for your business. We agree with you on what success looks like and then we help you to achieve it. We know how to measure the success of our processes so you don’t have to wonder if they are working. This way you can be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

MPS consultants have worked across the country and across the world delivering our tailored human capital solutions to satisfied clients. We also use online assessment processes and video conferencing to work with distant clients while keeping travel costs at a minimum. Wherever you are located, we are the right consultants for you!

MPS has a variety of assessment tools and tests that we use with our clients. However, we do not sell those “off the shelf”. Assessment and hiring can be complicated and such practices are regulated by a number of laws and agencies. At MPS we as professionals oversee these assessments, tests, and other processes in order to protect our customers and ensure that they are only using methods that are legal as well as effective.

We are happy to speak with you at no cost and with no obligation about how MPS can help you craft solutions for our company. We believe strongly in what we do, and we are sure that you will be able to see the value we can bring to your organization. Call us today at 713-667-9251.

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