Meet our team

Our other MPS consultants represent a wide range of backgrounds and expertise in Industrial/Organizational psychology and business. These PhD and Master level professionals enable us to deliver high quality services for our clients whether the projects are small or large. These highly trained and experienced Assessors, Trainers, Interviewers, and Coaches use proven MPS processes and practices to ensure practical and measurable results. Our associates and support staff are highly qualified and experienced in helping our clients with online testing, assessment center preparation, and other areas of support.

Joe Baucum, M.S. – Managing Consultant

Joe Baucum is a senior consultant with Management and Personnel Systems. He specializes in executive assessment and feedback, team development, facilitation, promotion, selection, management consulting, and training. He has worked nationally and internationally with a number of clients including BP, Chevron, CononcoPhillips, LyondellBasell, CITGO, NCI, Pacesetter, Texas Petrochemical, and Rivianna. Joe is a highly experienced assessor, with experience in coaching and providing feedback to managers, supervisors, and executives. Joe is an exceptional communicator, with 25 years of experience in creating and delivering high quality presentations and training sessions. He has superior capabilities in writing, public speaking, and team facilitation. He holds Masters of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Kansas State University.

Kathleen Welch, M.A. – Senior Consultant

Kathleen is a consultant with MPS. She has 15 years of consulting experience both nationally and in the Caribbean.  She specializes in organizational development, test construction, training, selection, and assessment techniques. She has worked with numerous companies (including ConocoPhillips, CITGO, Hovensa, Lyondellbasell, Tesoro, Sunoco, and various mid-sized companies).  Kathleen brings 22 years of oil refining experience having worked as a Field Operator, Console Operator and Operations Supervisor. As a Training Supervisor, she designed and implemented computer based training, development paths, and selection processes for multiple business units (Operations, Maintenance, Engineering and Quality Control).  Her abilities to organize a project and work with all levels of an organization are strengths that lend her credibility with clients. Kathleen holds a M.A. in Psychometrics with a B.S. in Psychology.

Colin Wooldridge, PhDc. – Senior Consultant

Colin Wooldridge is a consultant with Management and Personnel Systems. He specializes in assessment, interviewing, training, selection, test building, survey development, statistical analysis and validation studies. He has worked on assignments involving a wide range of employees—workers, frontline supervisors, and managers. He has worked with numerous companies (including Chevron, ConocoPhillips, CITGO, LyondellBasell, NCI, Pacesetter Personnel, and other global and mid-sized companies), assessing and training. At Texas A&M University, he worked on a study for the United States Air Force for two years, examining the effectiveness of after action reviews and team training. He is presently engaged in research exploring new statistical analysis methodology and developing new personality test measures. He currently has academic papers under third round review at top management, organizational behavior and business journals. He is currently completing his PhD in Management and Organizational Studies and holds an MA in Industrial Organizational Psychology. He is teaches at the University of Texas at San Antonio and has recently coauthored a paper that is currently in press at Personnel Psychology.

Sarah Griffing, M.A. – Senior Consultant

Sara has been a consultant with MPS since 2007. Her background includes 12 years with Chevron Geosciences Company working in piping and reservoir simulation. That position involved working with 400 engineers worldwide in assessing and troubleshooting problems encountered in simulation applications. Sara worked for eight years as Research Psychologist at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, TX, where her primary responsibilities were assessment and counseling. Her interests and strengths lie in assessment and training. Sara holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. She has been highly involved over the last seven years in assessment center work and interviewing for the oil and gas industry, and has worked extensively with Phillips66, PBF Energy, CITGO, LyondellBasell, and TPC.

Andrea Neely, PhD – Consultant

Andea is a senior consultant with MPS, and she is currently an associate professor in the management department at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her primary research interest is social exchange and its sub-theories (i.e., psychological contract, leader-member exchange, perceived organizational support). She is researching how relationships in organizations serve as motivational mechanisms to explain important employee attitudes and behaviors. Her other interests include talent management, job design, compensation, and volunteer motivation. Her teaching at the University of Texas at San Antonio over the past several years has focused on management, organizational behavior, and human resources.

Mark Stewart, PhD. – Senior Consultant

Mark is a Senior Consultant with Management and Personnel Systems.  He has 16 years of consulting experience.  He specializes in the design, development and delivery of human capital measurement systems which pinpoint the strengths and developmental needs of individuals, teams, and businesses.  Specifically, in 2010, he delivered individual behavioral assessments on 250 job applicants.  Further, he executed a corporate culture assessment project which identified the similarities and discrepancies between the top management teams in Singapore, Dubai and Mumbai.  Prior to joining MPS, Mark led the Assessment and Development group for Global Industries, an international offshore construction company headquartered in Houston, TX.  Among other accomplishments, Mark designed a leadership development program for North America and Asia Pacific, identified and coached high-potential leaders of various nationalities with 75 percent winning executive promotions within 18 months. For the past 3 years he has conducted research with the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University in the area of Strategic Human Resource Management, with a particular focus on Chief Human Resource Officers.  He co-authored two chapters in the upcoming book “The Chief HR Officer: Defining the New role of Human Resource Leaders” and is currently examining the impact of CHRO gender on work role preferences.  He also serves as an advisor and content contributor on the Society for Human Resource Management, Organization Development panel.  Mark earned a doctorate in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Texas A&M University in 2000.